Current Work

Currently we do some design works for a couple of customers. After finishing these works we looking forward to finish the whole project which includes a full editable websites for our customers.
We also involved in a project named where we provide advertising and promotion as well as conceptual work. First success we get within a month, we could double the active players.

Comming Soon

As soon as the government pass amendment we found a limited liability company for our further business. So we could provide a better customer support and higher quality standards. Maybe there is a possibility start up joint ventures for special projects.

Start Up

We also were looking for interesting locations to start up a new and stylish café.

We will provide the world’s best coffee and a delicious selection of snacks.The location should be located in an inner city with an undeveloped real estate. A minimum 2000 square meters should be provided. If you are able to make an offer feel free to sent an email to us.


We are looking forward to develop new markets using the modern concept of marketing, markets and customers. If you are able to crate an effective demand you will maybe contact us. We provide marketing know how, start up capital and business contacts. Are you resourceful and creative? Then this makes you unique makes and different from ordinary businessmen who only perform traditional functions of management like planning, organization, and coordination.


If you have any questions about using this site or about Service issues please contact the following adress.

Thanks for visiting our site!